William J and Luella Packham 50th Wedding Anniversery - 1954

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Welcome to the William J and Luella Packham Family History Site. On this site you will find information on the ancestors and descendents of this great couple. You will also find information on the descendents of William and Luella’s parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. You are welcome and encouraged to send corrections, updates, pictures, histories and family stories to be included in this depository.

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feature 1 Feature Story 1 There are two audio interviews with Luella Packham with interesting early family stories.

feature 2 Feature Story 2 Read William J and Luella Packham's personal story.

feature 3 Feature Story 3 Read how Charles A Hickenlooper's autobiography to learn how he lost his bedroll and clothes in train wreck in a snow storm and had to work as a Bar Tender in order to have a warm place to sleep and something to eat.

feature 4 Feature Story 4 Thelma Packham Madore wrote a biography of her grandfather John Packham based on letters she exchanged with him from 1930 to 1933. It talkes about working with his father on a large estate. There is a link in the document to that estate's currnet website.

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